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Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.15.34 PM.pngAdult education student Brittany Thomas recently received her high school diploma from RSU 38 Superintendent Donna Wolfrom. Brittany worked diligently for over two years studying and completing the testing requirements (while also holding down three jobs!) before finally achieving this fantastic accomplishment! Brittany has decided to continue with her formal education and has enrolled in the college transitions program where she is currently taking her first college class! Brittany plans to enroll at the University of Maine in Augusta in the Fall of 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about our high school diploma and college transitions programs at RSU #38 Maranacook, please join us at Maranacook high school from 6-7:00 on November 17th for a quick informational session on how you can start today to jump start your education!

What's Happening...
Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 6.34.19 PM.pngMaranacook High School is registered on State Farm's "Celebrate the Drive" website to participate in a campaign to promote driver safety among our young drivers by emphazing such  messages as "Two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel" ("2N2"). By participating we enter a competition and a chance to win up to $125,000 for school programs. There are prizes for small schools and large schools across the country. Last year in Maine, Lewiston High School won one of the prizes ! So we have a real chance to tap into the over 3 million dollar pool of prize money. Several of our young drivers have been involved in crashes due to distractions caused by texting. This provides us with an opportunity to broaden awarenss about driver safety and perhaps gain some funding to support some of our awareness programs.

The competition involves community members (anyone over 14) making a committment to driver safety by visiting the "Celebrate My Drive" website to take a short quiz and vote for Maranacook Community School. Everyone may vote once a day between October 15 and 24th which is National Teen Driver Safety Week.

Make your vote at :

 “Celebrate My Drive is all about keeping teens safe on the road. It’s important for the entire community to rally around our new drivers and support them by making our  own safe driving commitments

About Celebrate My Drive: Celebrate My Drive® is a different approach to a leading public health risk. Car crashes are the number one killer of teens, and a teen’s first year on the road is the most dangerous. Using research as a guide, State Farm is approaching teen driver safety, a winnable public health battle, by engaging teens while they learn to drive in a supportive and positive way. It’s a community celebration of safe driving habits emphasizing the benefits of safe choices as teens celebrate the freedom that comes with getting a drivers’ license. Learn more about the initiative at www.celebratemydrive.com.

Visit the budget information page for details on the budget.

Read About the High School NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges) Report



“Common Core” State Education Standards-
Click on the link below to view the community presentation

(Please click on the slide to advance to the next screen and continue the presentation.)

This Common Core presentation was presented to the community on January 30, 2013 at Maranacook Community School by Sarah Caban and Barbara Bourgoine. Many requested to have it posted since they were not able to make the presentation.

For more information regarding the Common Core, visit the following websites:

Common Core in Maine


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