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NEW! FY 16 Budget Update #2 - 01/21/15
RSU #38 Budget Update #2
Re: January 21, 2015 RSU #38 School Board Meeting

“Providing support for students in order to promote academic success”

The RSU #38 School Board met for a budget workshop on January 21, 2015 at 6:30 pm at the Maranacook Community High School. As we start the FY16 budget process there are many unknowns, those of largest impact being state subsidy/EPS Allocation and rate of health insurance. Last week Education Commissioner, Tom Desjardin, stated that we should receive our EPS information by the second week in February. We have no information about a date for insurance information.

Moving forward, RSU #38 administrators have met to develop the first draft of the FY16 budget. There will be many revisions to this draft as we receive more information, examine programs and staffing, and engage in budget deliberations.  We will provide copies of revised drafts throughout the budget process both at our meetings and on the district’s web site.

At the January 21, 2015 budget meeting, elementary principals Janet Delmar (Manchester and Mt. Vernon) and Jeff Boston (Wayne and Readfield), Maranacook Community Middle School principal, Cathy Jacobs, and Maranacook Community High School principal, Dwayne Conway, explained various staff and instructional items in their budgets. The items are included in the Draft 1 General Fund School Summary Budget. Please keep in mind that the budget proposal is a first draft and will be changing as we progress through the budget process.

Principals highlighted the following items that have been included in the first draft budget:

Manchester Elementary School:
Afternoon ed. tech. for Pre-K (currently paid by town of Manchester)

Mt. Vernon Elementary School:
Additional Grade 1 teacher
1⁄2 day per week each, increased time for Art, Music, Computer due to increased number of classes
1⁄2 day per week increased guidance
3 1⁄2 days per week math interventionist

Readfield Elementary School:
Afternoon ed. tech. for Pre-K

Wayne Elementary School:
1⁄2 time Certified Literacy Specialist
1 day per week increased guidance
1 1⁄2 days per week math interventionist

Elementary district-wide:
1⁄2 time increased nursing

Middle School:
Behavior Interventionist position
Writing Curriculum Materials

High School:
Literacy Interventionist
Math Interventionist
Textbooks, on-line textbooks, materials for new classes and to replace outdated materials.

Several charts and graphs were sent to board members and included in packets that were handed out at the January 21 meeting. Throughout the budget process additional materials will be distributed. All materials that are produced will be available on the RSU #38 web site.

Regional School Unit #38 State Valuation Yearly Comparison: Our subsidy from the state is dependent on enrollment and valuation. The best circumstance is when enrollment is up and valuation is down. You can see by this chart that every town valuation except Manchester has gone down from FY15 to FY16. Unfortunately, while valuation is down our enrollment has also gone down. We expected this decrease in enrollment due, in part, from the elimination of the Phoenix House program. (Phoenix numbers were approximately 14.)

RSU #38 Enrollment History: The next chart shows total RSU #38 enrollment. The attending line (top) shows tuition students. Residents (bottom) are those students who live in district.

RSU #38 (Elementary) Enrollment: This describes the class sizes in each elementary school as of January 5, 2015.

RSU #38 Middle School Enrollment for Semester 1 in 2014

RSU #38 High School Enrollment for Semester 1 in 2014

RSU #38/Union #42 Budget/Subsidy History: The top line is the budget history and the bottom line is the subsidy history.

RSU #38 Budget Pie Charts show a breakdown of the past three budget years. You can see that the largest portion of money goes to staff salaries, and the second largest to benefits. Other portions of the budget have remained fairly proportional in the last 3 years.

New Program/Positions/Account Evaluation Templates offer an explanation of new items that are included in the Draft 1 Budget proposal.

Summary of Budget Reductions from Original Requests as of January 21, 2015: After submitting original requests, administrators met to prioritize items in the budget. This chart lists those items that were cut in order to develop the first draft budget that was presented to the RSU #38 School Board. This list will continue to change throughout the FY16 budget process.

The next RSU #38 School Board meeting will be held on February 4, 2015 at the Readfield Elementary School in order to highlight student work on Promethean Boards. Budget topics for this meeting, which starts at 6:30 pm include Special Education, Technology, English Language Learners, Gifted and Talented. The RSU #38 School Board will continue to make decisions through their FY16 budget goal,
“Providing support for students in order to promote academic success.”

We invite RSU #38 citizens to attend budget meetings in order to be informed about the FY16 budget.


Donna H. Wolfrom, Ed.D.Superintendent of Schools


Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.15.34 PM.pngAdult education student Brittany Thomas recently received her high school diploma from RSU 38 Superintendent Donna Wolfrom. Brittany worked diligently for over two years studying and completing the testing requirements (while also holding down three jobs!) before finally achieving this fantastic accomplishment! Brittany has decided to continue with her formal education and has enrolled in the college transitions program where she is currently taking her first college class! Brittany plans to enroll at the University of Maine in Augusta in the Fall of 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about our high school diploma and college transitions programs at RSU #38 Maranacook, please join us at Maranacook high school from 6-7:00 on November 17th for a quick informational session on how you can start today to jump start your education!


Visit the 2013-2015 FY 15 budget information page for details on the budget.


Homeless Liaison
It is the responsibility of RSU #38 to notify the citizens/parents of the district on an annual basis that educational services are available to students classified as homeless.  If you need further information to determine the rights available to homeless students in our district, please contact Donna Foster at 685-3336 ext. 2, or your building principal.



“Common Core” State Education Standards-
Click on the link below to view the community presentation
(Please click on the slide to advance to the next screen and continue the presentation.)

This Common Core presentation was presented to the community on January 30, 2013 at Maranacook Community School by Sarah Caban and Barbara Bourgoine. Many requested to have it posted since they were not able to make the presentation.

For more information regarding the Common Core, visit the following websites:

Common Core in Maine


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